One thing that most analysts agree on is that Disney/Lucasfilm’s latest Star Wars film, The Last Jedi, could be the film that finally does it — the film that could actually make $1 billion domestically alone. Considering that The Force Awakens grossed almost $936.7 domestically (and just over $2 billion worldwide), it’s highly possible that Last Jedi could cross the $1 billion mark just in the U.S.

And keep in mind we’re talking about $1 billion in real, current dollars. This is where have to spilt hairs here, since there are several films that have already grossed a billion dollars and some change domestically. However, that is if what they have made is adjusted for inflation to today’s dollars. Therefore, using that calculation, the all-time domestic winner still is and remains to be 1939’s Gone with the Wind, which adjusted for inflation, has grossed to date $1.8 billion and is still making money. That’s followed in order by 2) Star Wars (1977) $1.6 billion, 3) The Sound of Music (1965) $1.27 billion, 4) E.T. (1982) $1.26 billion 5) Titanic (1997) $1.2 billion, 6) The Ten Commandants (1956) $1.69 billion, 7) Jaws (1975) $1.143 billion and 8) Doctor Zhivago (1965) $1.1 billion.

As for The Last Jedi, it opened with $220 million (and $450 million worldwide), which makes it the second biggest weekend opening ever for any film in history, with The Force Awakens still the opening weekend champ with $248 million. But with those numbers and then insanely enthusiastic word of mouth Last Jedi will match what Force Awakens makes and more likely even surpass that.

It’s no surprise that because of the box office powerhouse that Last Jedi was going to become, most studios and distributors didn’t release anything new for the past two weeks, knowing that it would be crushed by the Star Wars juggernaut. Only Fox and A24 ventured to release anything in a counterprogramming move. In the case, Fox had their animated film Ferdinand, it didn’t work out too well. Though the film came in second, it was far away in the distance with just $13.3 million. However, A24 has taken a different track with their films Lady Bird and The Disaster Artist, and it’s paying off for them.

Opening in limited resale and expanding slowly, both films have been performing very well and Lady Bird, which has made to-date almost $26 million, is going to outperform A24’s previous biggest grosser, Barry Jenkins’ Moonlight, which grossed $28 million domestically. But The Disaster Artist, which is still in a limited release of just 880 screens and $13 million so far, will outgross both those films after all is said and done.

However, the Lionsgate family drama Wonder, still continues to be one of two films that can be called a genuine fall sleeper hit. With $5.4 million this weekend and $109 million far, no doubt, the word of mouth for the film is just phenomenal and it’s clearly on way to make easily well over $120 million domestically.

And the other fall box office sleeper hit is Murder on the Orient Express, which is turning into an unexpected surprise for Fox. Considered a risky venture due to its appeal to older filmgoers (you know those cranky old people who just like stay at home and complain), the film has performed much better than expected with $300 million worldwide so far and with almost $85 million to-date. It will gross well over $100 million domestically. In fact, Fox and the star/director of Orient Express, Kenneth Branagh, announced that plans are on the way to make a follow-up film which will be a remake of the 1978 Agatha Christie Hercule Poirot murder mystery, Death on the Nile.

Full list

1) Star Wars: The Last Jedi BV $220,047,000
2) Ferdinand Fox $13,325,000
3) Coco BV $10,025,000 Total: $150,810,896
4) Wonder LGF $5,400,000 Total: $109,256,738
5) Justice League WB $4,170,000 Total: $219,456,347
6) Daddy’s Home 2 Par. $3,800,000 Total: $96,579,982
7) Thor: Ragnarok BV $2,981,000 Total: $306,375,120
8) The Disaster Artist A24 $2,636,908 Total: $12,932,039
9) Murder on the Orient Express Fox $2,470,000 Total: $97,252,742
10) Lady Bird A24 $2,108,117 Total:$25,977,506
11) The Star Sony $1,775,000 -Total: $35,375,220
12) The Shape of Water FoxS $1,738,000 Total: $3,620,564