nullI expected that after his release from prison, Wesley Snipes’ slate of upcoming projects would be overflowing. But it’s really not – at least, not yet. Other than "Expendables 3," which was released this summer, he really has nothing else coming.

Maybe this will be his next?

I just learned that Snipes is attached to star in a heist drama titled "Five Minutes to Live," which will be directed by Chuck Russell ("The Scorpion King," "Eraser," "The Mask") from a script penned by Raul Sanchez-Inglis ("Continuum") and Russell as well.

In the film, Snipes will play a character named Johnny, who flees to a small town, after a jewelry heist in the city goes bad. There he conspires with a fellow criminal named "Miles Black," and other shady characters, to rob a bank and hold the adulterist bank manager’s Stepford-like wife hostage.

Intriguing premise, and I’m definitely interested in learning more, although I don’t have much other info.

Producing are Joe Nasser, Michael Mendelsohn, and Richard Rionda Del Castro for the Nasser Entertainment, Patriot Pictures and Hannibal Pictures project.

By the way, the recent Wesley Snipes movie, the horror/western movie "Gallowwalkers," which was finally released late last year, courtesy of Lionsgate, is now available for streaming on Netflix, just in time for Halloween I suppose. It’s not a film that I can recommend, but feel free to check it for yourselves if interested.

More info on "Five Minutes to Live" when I have it.