The daughters of ’90s supermodel Kimora Lee SimmonsAoki and Ming, shared their after-graduation plans following Aoki and Ming completing their studies at Harvard and New York University, respectively.

“Our whole generation had a really hard time ’cause it was COVID, and everything got shut down, and everything moved online,” Ming told ET. “I think it just feels really good to be done.”

Kimora agreed. She recognized the difficulties of being both a student and a parent during the pandemic.

“A lot of parents have said their kids have struggled tremendously because of COVID, just the guidelines change, they couldn’t do in-person lab or study group in person,” she said. “It was very, very tough. So to everybody who was in school over these past few years, congratulations! It’s not easy.”

What’s next for the two recent grads? At first, Aoki felt lost as to what to do with her free time. 

“I went to the library just to, like, stare at the wall, because every single day I’d go to the library… and I was like, ‘I guess I’ll just do that again, even though I have nothing to study for,'” she shared.


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The 20-year-old is pursuing a modeling career and will apply to graduate school. She is planning on taking the LSATs to get into law school.

Ming also follows in her mother’s footsteps; she studied fashion and will pursue her passion for the field.

“I studied fashion in school, and I really, really love working with my mom, so I’m gonna start there,” she said. “Hopefully, in the future, [I will be doing] something with my own fashion brand and just kind of staying around the fashion [world] because that’s what makes me really happy.”

She will work with her mother on Baby Phat, Kimora’s clothing line.

They will start collaborating as soon as this summer.

Before they embark on their respective projects, Aoki and Ming plan to celebrate graduation by taking a European vacation.

“First thing on our list of things to do after college is to go on a trip together,” Ming said. “I think that this is a really special time, and maybe we can get Mom to fund it because we graduated at the same time.”

Congratulations, Aoki and Ming Lee Simmons!