Forbes released its new highest-paid TikTok influencer list, the 'Top-Earning TikTok-ers 2022'. Its list ranks some of the platforms Most Valuable Players that haul in an estimated $55.5 million, a 200% increase from 2020's total.

The list is receiving backlash for its lack of Black influencers being featured, especially after last year's #BlackTikTokStrike. Black users created the strike on TikTok in support of Black TikTok creatives whose work had been copied by non-Black users and received viral success and careers in the industry. 

Forbes broke down its top-earning list based on individuals whose fame originated first on TikTok. Their list grouped an estimate TikTokers earned in 2021 from January through December.

This year's ranking differs from their debut list created in 2020, which calculated TikTokers earnings from July 2019 through July 2020. Previously, Forbes measured TikTokers pockets with a snapshot of who they thought had earned a million dollars over twelve months. Their new 2022 Top 5 list requires a minimum of $4.75 million in earnings.

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Still, Black creators were amiss in this list except for Senegalese-born Khaby Lame, who has amassed nearly 127 million followers. As AfroTech noted, Lame's follow count is right on the heels of TikTok influencer Charli D'Amelio who has 133 million followers on the app, roughly 6 million more than Lame—and ranked #1 on Forbes list this year. 

@khaby.lame So guys what’s the secret behind this trick????????????? ????????????‍♂️ #learnfromkhaby
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Still, Lame was noticeably not listed as one of the top earners on the platform, while Charli and her sister Dixie D'Amelio—took the top two spots on Forbes' list this year.

Charli's career has skyrocketed since her TikTok fame began featuring in commercials and high-paid brand collaborations. The influencer and her family recently signed with Will Smith's production company for a new reality show.