Wunmi Mosaku wowed as Ruby on Lovecraft Country, and during Shadow And Act Live, she told S&A’s Trey Mangum how nervous she was for the series to air.

I was scared about the response because the ideas and the feelings and the depths that we plunged to and the heights that we reached were so deep and so high I thought it may be too much, but I realized this is exactly what we needed,” she said.

She said working on the show was “therapy” for her because of how deeply she had to go within the story and within her character.

“I’m so glad people have responded so well to it because [showrunner] Misha [Green] has such bold ideas and she doesn’t pull any punches and I think I’m used to pulling my punches and trying to play nice and she doesn’t do that,” she said. “She wants a challenge and to push you as far as you can go. I’m so grateful for it.”

You can watch the full interview, in which she talks about her new Netflix horror film His House with Ṣọpẹ Dìrísù, at the 11:06 mark below:

Photo: HBO