A new trailer for the David Ayer-directed Netflix fantasy/sci-fi/supernatural cop thriller, Bright, premiered Wednesday.  The movie stars Will Smith and Joel Edgerton.

Set in a magical world with supernatural beings, which include “Orcs,” who do not get along with other supernatural creatures. The film follows two cops, one human (Smith), and the other an Orc (Joel Edgerton). They have to escape law enforcement, criminals and those other supernatural beings to protect a magical wand.

Bright3 Bright1

In an earlier interview with GQ, screenwriter Max Landis said, “It’s a fantasy film. Dungeons and Dragons, Lord of the Rings, Warcraft, Game of Thrones—it’s that type of world, American mythic archetypal fantasy. But it takes place right now… Those worlds, whatever they may have been, were biblical times… Everyone knows there was a dark lord and he rose and he fell and all the races united. Now you’re you, I’m me, that woman over there is a centaur and it’s not a big deal. They’re not a big percentage of the population, there’s word of them becoming rarer and rarer and getting all sorts of hereditary diseases. But you know what? Until then, there’s a centaur billionaire, there’s a centaur CEO. Everyone knows orcs. Everyone knows goblins. Everyone knows elves and dwarves. All of these various races that live among us. Bright is ultimately about two guys who get themselves into a bad situation and need to rely on each other to get out of it… It’s a movie about brotherhood, friendship and race.”

This is considered to be Netflix’s first huge, ‘blockbuster’ production, paying $90 million for the movie.

It will be available on Netflix in December.

Watch the trailer below: