Uganda, 1989. A young Acholi rebel guided by spirits, Joseph Kony, forms a new rebel movement against the government: the LRA, The Lord’s Resistance Army; an “army” that grew by abducting teenagers – more than 60,000 over 25 years – of which less than half came out alive.

Geofrey, Nighty and Mike, a group of friends, as well as Lapisa, were among these youths, abducted at 12 and 13 years old. Today, in their effort to rebuild their lives and go back to normal, they revisit the places that marked their stolen childhood. At the same time, victims and murderers, witnesses and perpetrators of horrific acts that they did not fully understand, they are forever the “Wrong Elements” that society struggles to accept.

Meanwhile, in the immensity of the Central African jungle, the Ugandan army still continues to hunt the last scattered LRA rebels. But Joseph Kony is still out there, on the run.

A film by Franco-American author Jonathan Littell, the feature documentary “Wrong Elements” screened at the Cannes Film Festival (Out of Competition) this year to mixed reviews. It’s next scheduled to screen at the IDFA Festival in the Netherlands next week. No Stateside play or pickup yet.

Watch a clip from the film below: