Ms. Erykah Badu is back in her bag again with a new line of her vagina-scented incense named "Entanglement" which is surely the solution to all of the world's problems right now. 

The soulful singer announced the new "premium incense" on Instagram on Monday.

"BADU PUSSY II : ENTANGLEMENT.. cause you deserve it! Choose your flavor. Follow instructions written on packaging … 5 new aromas to wake up any room. All Thru August," the Dallas native wrote.

The name of the new line captured people's attention after last week's episode of Red Table Talk where host Jada Pinkett Smith admitted to having an "entanglement" with singer August Alsina while she was separated from her husband Will Smith.

The interview sparked endless conversation online over Jada's use of the word, with Badu herself even commenting on the topic. 

"How I get in? I got Midas p***y. My p***y gives you 3 wishes. My p***y put you on the Forbes list. My p***y is the fountain of youth. My p***y sold out in 9 minutes. My p***y cure ailments. My p***y BK on sale FRIDAY!! Y'all trippin. Google me," the singer wrote in response to a Twitter user comparing her vagina to Jada's.

In February, Badu announced she would be selling incense with the intimate aroma of her lady parts, as Blavity previously reported

“There’s an urban legend that my p***y changes men,” Badu said.

“I took lots of pairs of my panties, cut them up into little pieces and burned them, even the ash is part of it,” she added. “The people deserve it!”. 

In 2014, the singer tweeted her secret to a good smelling vagina, giving credit to raw cranberries. 

“Ladies..For a SWEET vagina I Drink raw cranberries often,” she wrote. “Now the secrets out. (Reluctantly) ALSO promotes healthy, strong WOMB &bladder.”

The incense is being sold on her online marketplace Badu World Market, which carries an array of products like Native American herbs and Japanese geta sandals.

She said the purpose of her shop is to “encourage networking among smaller brands and prestigious art houses.”

“It’s a hub to share space with all people,” she added.

In addition to curating new incense of her vagina, Badu has been staying busy during the coronavirus pandemic. Back in May, the singer joined forces with Jill Scott for the Verzuz battle series, as Blavity previously reported.

The two women reveled in celebrating one another's music and bringing good vibes to viewers. The Instagram Live session saw more than 700,000 viewers.