Cam Newton is fed up and finally ripped into officials for failing to protect him from hard hits. The Carolina Panthers’ celebrated a 30-20 victory over the Arizona Cardinals Sunday. A win that was short-lived for Cam the moment he began to break down the plays at the post-game press conference. Newton says the non-calls takes the fun out of the game

"At times I don't even feel safe, right and enough is enough you know," he said in front of reporters. "I plan on talking to Commissioner Goodell about this but it's not fun and I don't know what I have to do. I mean I showed a lot of frustration today and I apologize to the referee, you know I was talking to, but I don't think it's a person that can go through what I go through and still keep they head."

For this game, in particular, the refs did not issue a penalty when Cardinals defensive end Calais Campbell hit Newton below the knees

"I could've torn my ACL. That was the breaking point," Newton said

As Cam is opening up about his discontent with the officials, Twitter brought up another pressing concern

His outfit.

In past interviews, Cam has been pretty transparent about his style, which tends to make you scratch your head from time to time, but on Sunday no one really knew what to make of it

A "Batman" character?

A to-go order?

Or was he headed to an AKA probate?

So fresh and so clean?


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