A former Las Vegas police officer is facing a slew of charges after allegedly snapping photos of the private areas of another individual and abusing police devices to conduct personal business.

According to Fox 5 Vegas, Rachel Sorkow was arrested on March 12 after a months-long probe found the 29-year old was illegally using department equipment to research addresses, arrest reports and license plates on possible suitors for family and friends. Per The Las Vegas Sun, Sorkow exploited her powers for her associates at least 19 times.

The police report also details one of the more disturbing actions committed by the former officer. After a gentleman kicked a patrol vehicle, exposing his private areas in the process, Sorkow reportedly then instructed the man to continue vandalizing the car as she captured footage of his actions to send to friends.

Sorkow also abused her authority on another occasion when she was responding to a police call on behalf of a mentally ill man. Upon confronting the man, she said to him, "I just want to see you Dougie and twerk and then we're good."

The patient obliged and she responded, "Yea! Get it again, one more time."

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In yet another instance, The Las Vegas Sun reports Sorkow and an overweight woman once came face-to-face during a domestic dispute call. 

The woman was intoxicated, and she and Sorkow laughed at the woman's 250-pound frame, to which Sorkow inquired if the woman would consider joining the TLC reality TV show My 600-lb Life. She captured the interaction on her cellphone and distributed the footage to at least eight recipients.

Sorkow faces five felony charges of malpractice by a police officer, including one violation of taking photos of another person's genitalia, as well as indecent exposure. 

A lawyer for Sorkow confirmed she plans to dispute the allegations, according to The Las Vegas Review-Journal.

"We intend to vigorously defend the allegations and look forward to vetting this out in the courtroom," Tony Sgro said.

Sorkow was relieved of her responsibilities in December while the probe was ongoing and was officially terminated following her arrest.

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