On June 9, a pregnant Black woman and eight children were pepper sprayed by police officers in Fairfield, Ohio after they were trying to leave a local swimming pool. The situation began after the group was asked to leave the pool because one of the children didn’t have an appropriate swimsuit. A park ranger called the police when the group didn’t immediately leave the pool. Meanwhile, Krystal Dixon, an adult that dropped the kids off at the public swimming pool, went to get an appropriate swimsuit for the child. When she returned she was told they would still need to leave the pool. She then attempted to get a refund because the group didn’t have the chance to swim. The refund was refused, and when Dixon went to get the kids from the pool the officers became physical and the situation escalated.



The reports of the police differ from what was recorded by a witness. Bishop Bobby Hilton, a leader in Cincinnati, Ohio who is serving as a representative for the family, delivered a press conference and debunked the lies set forth by the police. Two of the children were hospitalized, and the 12-year-old that was slammed against the police vehicle suffered a broken jaw and ribs according to Hilton.

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