Ever thought of creating a clothing line but didn't know exactly how? Here are some untraditional tips to get started by CEO and fashion designer Robin Barrett. These steps come after you've created your business cards, set up social media pages and bought the domain for your website. We're going to go a step further into what's imperative to a successful clothing brand.

Design something different 

Most consumers want a reason to identify with a brand. That means you have to find a market that is untouched and connect with those consumers. Consumers do not want the same mundane clothing they find on every Instagram boutique and even in a department store. They need to know what makes your brand different. For example, during the conception of her brand NETTA Los Angeles, Robin saw a niche that was untouched in the fashion world — a brand that specializes in jumpsuits. We all go to boutique websites and see categories for jumpsuits and rompers, but when we navigate to the page, our options are subpar. She wanted to change that. Another interesting component of NETTA Los Angeles is their mission of service to the community. They support numerous charities and non-profit organizations benefiting the homeless as well as children. They make sure their customers feel great inside and out. Don't go trendy, go different.

Decide where you will manufacture

Will you manufacture in the states or overseas? Do you want to ensure your overseas manufacturers are fair trade? How many pieces are you looking to buy at a time? What's your budget? Where will you source fabric? How will you package? These are all preliminary questions you and your team must ask yourselves. Keep in mind, these are just a few of the many questions you will need answered before you're ready to start production. This is the most tedious yet significant part of the design process. Prepare to spend many sleepless nights perfecting your designs.

Get your team in order

Assembling a team of creatives is essential to having a successful clothing brand. Having a group of photographers, graphic designers, creative directors, models, hairstylists, makeup artists and videographers will help the process run smoothly. Whether freelance or on payroll, it's important to have these key people involved. They are there to bring your vision to life. Create visuals that will tell a story about your collection. Get as creative as you can to create something visually satisfying.

Social media

This is your opportunity to be creative. Although time consuming, social media content is a major key to success in the fashion industry. The aesthetic is everything when it comes to an effective social media post. This is the platform where you will display those amazing photos you took at the shoot where you hired that model, photographer, makeup artist and hair stylist. It all boils down to the photos which are produced. Make sure your captions drive your customers to your actual website and reflect the message that you want your desired customer to feel.

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Robinetta 'Robin' Barrett is a Los Angeles-based CEO, fashion designer and boutique owner. She created her first online boutique in 2011 called Shop VX that she has now recently revamped with new emerging brands. She has also created her very own signature line entitled NETTA Los Angeles, which is short for Robinetta.  NETTA Los Angeles specializes in domestically-made jumpsuits that exude opulence and luxury for the everyday woman. Their custom designs are created for the royalty and true beauty women of all shapes, sizes and colors possess. A significant component of her brand NETTA Los Angeles is their heavy involvement in the community. She has sponsored numerous back-to-school drives, coat drives, after school programs, luncheons, fundraisers, charity galas and outreach initiatives. Her mission is to empower women to feel great inside and out. 
Business IG: @nettalosangeles @shop_vx
Personal IG: @therobinb
Photography: @wanthy_d

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