It looks like Twitter was not the only major organization looking to make diversity strides this week. The FBI has also admitted to struggling with maintaining a meaningful number of minority agents. According to the FBI diversity statistics, percentages for both Blacks (4.37%)  and Hispanics (6.63%) are below the 10% mark

Photo: fbijobs
Photo: fbijobs
FBI Director James Comey said the bureau is working to raise the number of minority applicants but predicts it will take more than a year to truly access what changes should be made

"Too early to say whether we’re going to be able to change the inflection of the line. Lots going on in the FBI to try and change that. I’ll probably have a better sense at the end of this year, as to whether we’re seeing a change," Comey told Politico

The topic of diversification is not a new one for the FBI, in fact, this has been an ongoing concern since the 1990s. Last year, Comey even took on the lack of representation during one of his yearly speeches. Also in addition to bringing more people of color to the FBI, Comey is also working to find tactics to connect police forces with the communities they serve

"In a way the more successful local law enforcement is at attracting a diverse workforce, the better that will set us up to be fed by that talent," Comey said

Do you think the FBI will be successful in trying to attract more minority agents? What do you think should be done bring about change?

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