At the stroke of midnight on September 7th, after several months of anticipation, Rihanna changed the game with the launch of her highly anticipated Fenty Beauty makeup line at Sephora.

With 40 shades of foundation, Fenty Beauty filled a glaring deficit in the market creating beauty products to cover nearly every complexion, and the praises poured in!

Fenty had Quinta B out here looking like she got money.

Gabby Sidibe came through with a testimony.

Then Crissle West put the brand to the natural lighting test. It passed with flying colors. 

With all the #BlackGirlMagic percolating in these streets, it wasn't long before mainstream brands took to social media to push their darker shades.

Here we go.

 I mean…where's the lie?

Y'all know we can see you, right?

The glow up was unstoppable.

As Sephora sold out of darker shades, a collective #SheaButterTwitter meltdown quickly ensued.

We tried to tell ya'll. We out here! Thank you, Rih for always putting us first.

Photo: Giphy