Rihanna's recent Fenty Beauty tease for a new makeup release caused one item to be pulled following online backlash.

Fenty Beauty, the inclusive makeup brand created by Ms. Robyn Rihanna Fenty, has kept fans and consumers on their toes since its successful launch two years ago, as Blavity reported.

Hello Giggles reports the brand announced its upcoming April 5 releases, including a new Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo and two new Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter shades last week. Among the color duos were Afternoon Snack/Mo' Hunny, two bronzed champagne-colored hybrid highlighters and #PENNY4UTHOTS/Geisha Chic, a copper and brick red highlight swatches duo.

Both Fenty Beauty and Trendmood, a popular news outlet for makeup brands, shared the news and caused quite an uproar with the name of the latter highlighter; many followers politely voiced their concerns with the controversial 'geisha' name.

“I think it’s really important that you all rethink this name," wrote one commenter on Trendmood's post, "as there is a long oppressive history of geisha culture and the fetishization of it is something people need to move away from. Please reconsider."

"Yeah, speaking on behalf of East Asians: nice colour, but the name? Really?" another replied. "This is a brand that wants to be inclusive and yet… lol. I put faith that Riri learned from her 'princess of China' days but I guess not."

"I am so disappointed that they screwed up with the name because I really like this shade," wrote a third.

Page Six reports one fan even documented that they received a direct message from the brand after voicing their concerns under the makeup mogul's page.

“We hear you, we’ve pulled the product until it can be renamed,"  the message read. "We wanted to personally apologize. Thank you so much for educating us."

Trendmood later updated the post, stating that Fenty Beauty decided to halt the release of the controversial highlighter duo following the feedback from its followers.

"Due to the feedback on this post @fentybeauty has decided to completely remove this shade from online and in stores until further notice. We will keep u updated!" the brand wrote. "We appreciate Fenty Beauty’s responsiveness to this matter and applaud the continuous evolution of this amazing beauty community ????"

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UPDATE ???????? Hey Loves, Due to the feedback on this post @fentybeauty has decided to completely remove this shade from online and in stores until further notice. We will keep u updated! We appreciate Fenty Beauty’s responsiveness to this matter and applaud the continuous evolution of this amazing beauty community ???????????? . . . More….. ????????????❤️ #fentybeauty Keep it cute and sweet in #KILLAWATTFOIL in #GEISHACHIC! NEW metallic brick red ✨ . . It’s going to be a HOT???? #Summer2019 ☀️✨ Also dropping: 1. #BRONZERS ✨???? #SUNSTALKRBRONZER – gives instant warmth that brings out the right undertones for a sun-soaked glow! This creamy, powder bronzer. that are blendable and transfer resistant in 8 shades, Instant Warmth Bronzer $30 each: MOCHA MAMI – very del shade with warm red undertones COCO NAUGHTY – deep shade with neutral undertones CARAMEL CUTIE – tan to deep shade neutral undertones BAJAN GYAL – tan shade with warm undertones I$LAND TING – Medium shade with neutral undertones PRIVATE ISLAND – Light to medium shade with warm undertones SHADY BIZ – Light shade with warm undertones INDA SUN – fair shade with neutral undertones 2. SCULPTING BRONZER BRUSH 195 $34 – A tapered bronzer brush with a custom paw shape designed to contour the face with effortless precision. 3. CHEEK-HUGGING BRONZER BRUSH 190 $36 – An extra large, super plush bronzer brush that’s expertly chiseled to “hug” the curves of your face for an all-over bronze glow. 4. LIL BRONZE DUO Mini Bronzer Set $24 featuring a mini Sun Stalk’r Instant Warmth Bronzer and a mini Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick. In SHADY BIZ/SINAMON (for light – Medium skin tones) CARAMEL CUTIE/SINAMON (For tan to deep skin tones) 5. Mini!! PRO FILT'R – Instant Retouch Setting Powder $16 in Butter, Cashew, Honey, Nutmeg . . Will be available ➡️ APRIL 5TH online @fentybeauty @sephora . . There are more…. ???? What’s on your list? ????❤️????✨???? XO #Trendmood #fenty #fentybeauty THANK U for this beautiful update: @jordy2_shorty @audreypschl ???? . . #motd #makeupoftheday #mua #ilovemakeup #makeup #makeupaddict #makeuplover #makeupblogger

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Following the change of direction, consumers have voiced their satisfaction with the brand, stating they felt heard and respected — a feat that many beauty industry experts have failed to do time and time again.

Estée Laundry, a makeup "watchdog" account, shared the news on its Instagram Story and has been flooded with supportive replies for the brand's decision.

"Props to Fenty for listening and doing something about it," one DM read. 

“If more brands responded like this instead of justifying their actions, I believe customers would be more forgiving. Fenty swallowed their pride and that is something admirable.”

Rihanna's team continues to prove that they're what the beauty industry needs: someone who listens and who empathizes. Job well done!

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