The son of a Ferguson activist was found hanging from a tree, and she believes it was a result of lynching.

On October 17, Melissa McKinnies found her child, Danye Jones, hanging from a tree. The activist shared graphic images [viewer discretion is advised for the post] of her son to her Facebook page on Tuesday. Jones wore a T-shirt, shorts, and what appeared to be a large white sheet tied around his neck in the now-deleted post.  

“This is what I woke up to! They lynched my baby. My first time seeing these photos. If you have a weak stomach don’t look, but this mother wants justice after I get up. I’m sick and losing my mind, but I had to let the world see what they did to my baby!” McKinnies wrote alongside the images of her late son.

His death was ultimately ruled a suicide.

Jones’ death follows that of other Ferguson activists, including DeAndre Joshua in 2014 and Darren Seals in 2016. Both died as a result of gunshot wounds to the head. Joshua's death was ruled a suicide. Seals was found with six gun wounds in a burning car, and his case has yet to be solved. In 2017, Edward Crawford, famous for tossing a tear gas canister away from protestors following Michael Brown’s death, reportedly died of a self-inflicted gun wound.

"Thank you. It is now not coincidental. There is a murderer targeting activists from . ," Missouri Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal wrote on Twitter.

McKinnies became a renowned advocate for Black lives amid the killing of Michael Brown and has participated in numerous protests. She is also a member of activist group Lost Voices. Her son would have turned 25 on November 19.

Updates on the case are still pending.

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