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Convenience is the name of the game — your phone is always there to help you out of any jam you find yourself in, there’s a coffee shop on every corner and every need you might have can be met from the comfort of your own home.

So why shouldn’t funerals be more convenient as well?

Ryan Bernard, owner of the R. Bernard funeral home in Memphis, Tennessee, asked himself that same question.

“Some people,” Bernard told Memphis’ WATN-24, “They don’t want to deal with the hassle, the chaos of a large funeral, parking, especially with inclement weather.”

To help those fearing catching a cold in Memphis’ notoriously long snowy months (lest they themselves then end up in an R. Bernard casket), and those that struggle with parallel parking, Bernard created a drive-through window to supplement traditional visitation. 

“Say a family has a visitation from four pm to six pm,” Bernard said, “We would put their loved one in the drive-through viewing area say around one pm, and they will have a drive-through viewing from one pm to two-thirty pm.”

Bernard, who also offers live-streamed funeral services, says that the four families who have opted for the drive-through service have “loved it.”

They say life is short, and it seems now your funeral can be too.

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