Irv Gotti is getting candid about how Ashanti broke his heart back in the day, XXL reports.

In a teaser for an upcoming episode of Drink Champs featuring Ja Rule and Gotti, the latter talks about being in love with Ashanti when she first started dating Nelly.


“I can get past you wanting to be with Nelly,” a seemingly tipsy and hurt Gotti explained.

N.O.R.E. jumped in before he could continue.

“Sounds like you didn’t get past that, I’ma be honest,” he said as everyone erupted in laughter.

“Listen, at the time it happens, any man is hurt,” Gotti responded. “The chick you f**king in love with is with this n***a.”


Then he asked if they wanted to hear how he found out about Nelly and Ashanti.


“I was at home … listen to this shit. This is God wanted me to find out. I was at home. NBA package, I like watching sports,” he explained.

Then, impersonating the game’s sports announcer, he said, “Oh my God, what’s this commotion going on in the stadium?”

“We just found out what the commotion is,” he said the announcer told the crowd. “Nelly just walked in with Ashanti.'”

Everyone roared with laughter again while Gotti sat, looking defeated.


Viewers had little sympathy for the Murder Inc. Records co-founder.

“Irv did Ashanti so dirty behind the scenes with the music deals and limiting who she could make songs with… AND HE WAS MARRIED SIR CRY ME A RIVER,” one user tweeted.

“Irv having a whole wife during that time just makes this even more hilariously sad,” another added.

“Gotti Married Ass: This is God wanting me to find out. God:,” one viewer added.

Gotti and Ashanti haven’t been on the best of terms lately. The two haven’t been seeing eye to eye after news broke that the singer was rerecording her discography to regain ownership over her masters, Billboard reports.

While Gotti feels a type of way about her rerecording her songs, the singer is thrilled to finally have control over her discography, and proud of how hard she worked to get that control.

“Anything worth something will be a bit of a battle,” she told Billboard.