Every month we share our top travel squad photos, and while we scroll through the impeccably dressed and poised travel crews, we’re also overwhelmed with big dreams of building our own travel squads. There are a number of reasons why it might be hard to find your jet-set crew. Even as a seasoned traveler myself, I would say that a vast majority of my travels are with only one other person. But there is definitely something magical about those times you get to travel with a group — whether you’re walking through the streets of Italy or taking over a local bar in Barbados. You have more options, more personalities, more conversations and therefore the opportunity for more fun and adventure! So, in an effort to build up your travel team, here are some essential tips to help you in your journey:

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Digital travel platforms for black travelers

Get in the mix wit digital networks such as Soul Society 101 and Up In The Air Life. You’d be surprised at how many travel besties have met from a comment on a comment, which led to a DM or friend request, which led to a few lunch link-ups, which led to a trip to Brazil or Thailand. It’s 2016 after all – connecting digitally is everything. This doesn’t mean you should travel with the first person that comments “LOL” on your post, but be open to meeting new people with like-minded interests.

Be the leader of your current friends

In every group of friends there is the person who’s the glue to keep everyone together — scheduling the next brunch event or night out or hosting get-togethers at their house. If travel is your passion, take on the leadership role. Send organized trip options with pictures and pricing. A part of what makes people shy away from travel is the daunting tasks of researching, getting started and making sure it’s worth the investment. Show them the way, sensei.

Party with a purpose

Meeting people at travel conferences and panels can be cool, but it doesn’t always need to be that formal. Check out Mile High Club Events — a semi-upscale, semi-#standingoncouches day party series catered to young black professionals who love travel. It pops up in multiple markets around the U.S. This is an easy way to meet members of your future crew in a casual, fun environment.

How do you assemble your perfect travel group? Let us know in the comments below!


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