As Martavious Banks fights for his life, people want to know what led to him being shot by Memphis Police.

Banks, a black man, was shot by a Memphis Police officer on Monday after he fled during a traffic stop, according to FOX13.

Officers pulled Banks over, and discovered he did not have insurance or identification. They claim he reached down during the stop, and officers saw a gun in the vehicle. Banks sped off, and was pulled over again. Following a confrontation, the 26-year-old ran away and was shot by one of the three officers on the scene. The officer has not been identified but according to the New Jersey Herald, he is also black.

“Preliminary investigation revealed that after the suspect fled the vehicle at 1258 Gill, an officer was involved in a brief foot chase which ended with the suspect being shot,” said Michael Ralling, director of the Memphis Police Department. 

The officers had body cameras, but Rallings said the body cams were turned off during the shooting. It is unclear if the officer who fired at Banks turned it off before firing, or never had it on.

“After further review, it was also discovered that two additional officers who were involved in the original traffic stop on Gill and Pillow deactivated either of their body worn cameras or in car video systems during the pursuit from Gill and Pillow,” said Rallings.

Per Tennessee law, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation will conduct an independent investigation of the shooting. The department will also conduct its own investigation. 

All three officers have been “relieved of duty” during the investigation.

Janice Banks, Martavious’ mother, is dissatisfied with Memphis Police’s handling of the situation and is glad the TBI has intervened.

“Ya’ll fired at least 20 shots, these people tell me, what ya’ll shooting over here, a bear?” Janice said.

“They say TBI going to step in. Thank you, Jesus. I said it from the door, don’t ever let MPD investigate they own crime scene because it’s going to be tainted.”

Janice said her son is on a ventilator, clinging to life.

Rallings admitted he is “not confident that policy was followed,” and has vowed to get answers.

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