Along with generally "rooting for everybody black," Senegal's World Cup team has been a breath of fresh black joyful air with their World Cup warm-up dances giving us Dru Hill realness. 

In sad news, however, Senegal was recently eliminated from the tournament and will not be leaving its group to advance to the round of 16. Colombia and Japan qualified instead. 

Senegal's ejection, to make matters worse, was due to a frustrating technicality: the Senegalese team got more yellow cards (disciplinary actions for misconduct during games) than Japan. 

According to USA Today, Japan and Senegal's match ended in a 2-2 tie, but Japan bested the African nation by only collecting four yellow cards; Senegal received six.

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This rule is known as "fair play" in the game.

The Bleacher Report's Twitter account tweeted an unfortunate historical fact of note following the announcement: Senegal's elimination marks the first time an African team hasn't made it to the round of 16 during a World Cup in over 30 years.

Of course, Twitter was verklempt. In. Our. Feels. 


Ndi Ara

— La Positìve ???????? (@PaulPositive4) June 28, 2018

Big sads. Senegal, thank you for giving us life during the 2018 World Cup, even if for a fleeting moment.