A Fox News contributor had the absolute cheek to say on national television that slain rapper Nipsey Hussle would have agreed to a meeting with President Donald Trump because the two shared a trait that millions of other Americans also enjoy: an affinity with business. 

Author and conservative activist Lawrence Jones appeared on the cable network's show Fox & Friends on Monday to discuss ways in which 45 can appeal to the Black community during the upcoming election. Jones suggested one strategy Trump could do would be to visit minority neighborhoods with the attitude of a successful entrepreneur instead of a career politician. 

"You know, I got to be honest with you, when it comes from a policy standpoint, Black voters may not agree with the Democratic Party, but the Democratic Party shows up in the community," Jones argued. "Donald Trump has a great opportunity, he's been around black folks for a long time when it comes to the people that we consider cultural icons. And I think that it's time for the president to have a conversation."

Alright, nothing too egregious here. However, it's what the 26-year-old continued with that triggered some collective Black confusion.

"You know, if Nipsey Hussle was still alive, I would say president, talk to Nipsey because he is one that's talked about financial literacy," Jones said. "I don't think the black community wants the president, the politician. I think more Black folks want Donald Trump the businessman. I think that's the person that they admire."

Mr. Jones, are we talking about the same late Nipsey Hussle? The Nipsey Hussle who appeared alongside YG on a song titled "(FDT) F**k Donald Trump?" The single that your Fox News colleague Laura Ingraham used as a example to mock Nip in the weeks following his untimely demise on March 31? That Nipsey Hussle?

Lest we forget, Neighborhood Nip had this to say about the commander-in-chief on the 2016 track:

"I thought all that Donald Trump bulls**t was a joke. Know what they say, when rich n***as go broke. Look, Reagan sold coke, Obama sold hope/Donald Trump spent his trust fund money on the vote. You vote Trump then you're prolly on dope."

Jones concluded his remarks by proposing that Trump meet with Ice Cube or Jay-Z in the run-up to 2020 to gain some of the Black vote:

"If the president were to sit down with someone like Ice Cube, T.I., or Jay-Z and talk about the finances and the real issues that affect Black America, I think you could see a change in the electorate."

Twitter chimed in with thoughts of their own, with several chastising Jones for being out of touch regarding Nip's disdain for POTUS.

Long live Neighborhood Nip.