We thought we'd already exhausted the list of things we can't do while existing as black, but it turns out, we were wrong because now we have to add "making reservations while black." 

According to al.com, the Tuscaloosa Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi filed a racial discrimination complaint against Cypress Inn for canceling their rental reservation to use the establishment's pavilion.

After dropping a $1,500 reservation fee to rent Cypress Inn's Annex Pavilion around December 15, 2017 (for an event scheduled on February 23, 2018), the frat claims they met with a Cypress representative on February 6, 2018, to wrap up the booking. The complaint states the representative told them the Inn didn't know the Kappas were an "all black group," and canceled the reservation due to having insufficient security personnel.

Despite presenting the facility with proof of insurance, offering a security waiver and providing past event photos, the facility refused to rent to the young men. The owner allegedly told the organization it had experienced issues with the Kappa's "kind" in the past and refunded the frat's deposit. 

Claiming two counts of racial discrimination, Kappa Alpha Psi is requesting compensatory damages, punitive damages and for the judge to permanently bar Cypress Inn from any future "illegal discriminatory conduct." 

Cypress Inn issued a statement calling the Kappa's claims "completely untrue."

The Inn added that its cancellation of the reservation had nothing to do with race, claiming, "Our outside security firm recommended against hosting the party because the fraternity was proposing to sell tickets to the public and our security firm strongly recommended against hosting that type party out of concern for public safety."

Finally, the Inn said it looks forward to meeting the Kappas in court because it is "confident we will prevail."

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