Stephenie Sebby-Strempel, the South Carolina woman who harassed and assaulted a black teenager at her neighborhood pool, has been fired from her job.

In a statement to Yahoo Lifestyle, skincare brand Rodan + Fields said they concluded an investigation of the incident and terminated Sebby-Strempel.

“In accordance with our policies and after assessing statements from law enforcement, this independent consultant is no longer affiliated with Rodan + Fields,” the company said.

Sebby-Strempel’s conduct went viral after a video of her shouting at and assaulting a 15-year-old boy at Reminisce neighborhood pool in Summerville, South Carolina, on June 24 hit the internet.

In the video, she threatened to call 911 and called the teen and his friends “little punks.” The teens said despite them being respectful and leaving, she followed and hit one of them about three times.

According to The Seattle Times, a lawyer for the teens, Marvin Pendarvis, said, “She obviously took a look at them and said they don’t belong there. She had no reason to single them out. They weren’t doing anything.”

The mother of the boy allegedly hit by Sebby-Stempel said, "No child, including mine or anybody else’s, ever, ever deserves that type of abuse or treatment or to be struck not once, not twice but three times by someone that is upset because of the color of someone’s skin."

Sebby-Strempel is also accused of assaulting two detectives when they went to her house days later to arrest her. She was charged with third-degree assault and assaulting a law enforcement officer.

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