Future admitted he has a bad habit of splurging on beautiful women during a link-up with self-dubbed relationship guru Kevin Samuels in a fake therapy session for his upcoming "Worst Day" music video. A clip of the venting session made its rounds on social media, and fans were quick to sound off with their thoughts on the alleged "alpha male" mentality and toxic relationships. 

“Last year, how much would you say you spent on women,” Samuels asked the rapper as he sat across from him. 

“Probably I’d say around two, three … $3 million. Every time I see a beautiful woman, I have to splurge. I have to spoil em,” Future answered, adding that he realized his habits have become a problem and that he needs help. 

Twitter joked that the collaboration was the "high-value male" podcaster's dream but a Black woman's nightmare due to Samuels' history. Samuels has grown in popularity as a controversial figure over recent years because of his online persona and relationship advice he's offered to both men and women from his experience as a "professional image consultant."  

"Kevin samuels is the last person future needs to be talking to about this," one person reacted

"Seeing Future lean into the corniness of the Future Hive stuff as of late, now with that Kevin Samuels shot, is pretty lame to see," another said