Veteran Nigerian filmmaker, Tunde Kelani is a director I plan to interview eventually, and which I’m looking forward to doing, as soon as he’s settled after completing production on his latest effort, an adaptation of Olayinka Abimbola Egbokhare‘s Dazzling Mirage, which is currently film.

His name has been given a lot of ink (or pixels) on this blog, especially over the last year, as one of Nigerian cinema’s current elder statesmen, as well as one of a handful of Nigerian filmmakers with international awareness, who boasts over a dozen feature films to his credit, produced over the last 20 years or so.

While you wait for my interview, I thought this new video of Kelani, courtesy of nDani TV, given viewers a condensed version of his career as a filmmaker, from his early beginnings as a photographer, to working in TV, to when he first picked up a film camera, made his first film, through to the present. 

If anyone’s to tell his story, why not the man himself. So get to know more about a filmmaker whose name you’ll likely be reading more of on this site, as he talks about his career, future plans, and more.