New York City‘s first and only Golden Corral is making waves on social media after several viral videos show that the restaurant chain is taking its marketing strategy to a new level.

One video in particular, featuring four Golden Corral staff members dancing to Burna Boy’s “Ye,” was shared on the establishment’s Instagram account in early December. Since then, the clip has gone viral, with 7.2 million views on the platform, according to News 12 The Bronx.

Charisma Mims, a host and server at Golden Corral, couldn’t believe she and other staff members had gone viral online.

“My first reaction was, ‘We’re really viral right now.’ Like, this is crazy. I would never know or thought that we would go viral,” she told the outlet.

The brand’s South Bronx location is attracting more business, all thanks to the young staff’s creativity and social media presence.

“We add our own sauce, our own style, our own moves. You know, give it the Bronx Golden Corral vibe,” host and server Uniece Zaney said, per News 12.

On Friday, the clip made its rounds on X, formerly known as Twitter, and some users shared their experience after visiting the restaurant.

“The service there is top tier and the food is good! Very clean and the servers are very attentive! 10/10 for me!!!!!!” one social media user wrote.

“Surprisingly it wasn’t a bad experience. The food was pretty good & the servers were nice. A lot of young people do work there which is cool because people need a job..” another tweeted.

“Everyone that’s been there say the customer service is top tier and these girls and other services are very professional. Good food and good service 🤩,” a third person wrote.

According to a press release, the Bronx Golden Corral opened its doors during the COVID-19 pandemic, on Sept. 7, 2020. Aside from being the brand’s first New York City location, it is also one of the few locations that serve alcoholic beverages.