The beauty side of TikTok is calling out Hailey Bieber for her ‘brownie glazed’ lip trend. The model and owner of Rhode Skin posted a video showing her favorite new fall lip trend, and TikTok let her know their aunties have been doing this since the ’90s.


the lip combo vibe I’m feeling for fall 😍🤎 @rhode skin

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TikTok Courtesy of @HaileyBieber

In the clip captioned “the lip combo vibe I’m feeling for fall,” Bieber does a quick tutorial for her followers. She begins by lining her lips with a brown lip liner, applies her Peptide Lip Treatment as the clear gloss topper, then blends the two, creating a classic glossy chocolate lip shade.

As reported by Stylecaster, the look is part of the viral “clean girl aesthetic” and “gym lip” trends that have been all over TikTok. The idea is to have a no-makeup makeup look that includes overlining your lips with a brown or neutral lip pencil and then topping with a clear gloss or lip treatment. While Bieber never claimed she invented the lip trend, the attention that she is getting for an aesthetic that has belonged to POC for a long time is upsetting to melanated beauty creators.

Followers were quick to let Bieber know her glossy lips were nothing new under the sun.

“Old School POC lip combo. Been doing it since 90’s,” @shorty7771 commented.

“Okay whats the name of the Latina you saw with this lip combo? cause this has been a thing since the 90s lol,” @Rubina wrote.

“Before it becomes a yt girl trend”  @saeedahhaque reminds us of all the beauties that rocked the trend before Bieber.


Before it becomes a yt girl trend #haileybieber #brownieglazedlips #makeupforwoc #rhodeskin

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Makeup guru @irisbeilin added some sarcasm while commenting on the audacity of the trend: “Wow!!! I have never seen something like this!”


Wow!!! I have never seen something like this!!! 🫥🫥🫥 #brownieglazedlips

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@las_cartas_de_la_rata jokingly thanked Hailey for her contributions.


Thank you hailey what would we do without u🥰🥰🥰

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And TikToker @the_rogue_essentials goes deep into how Bieber’s video is “an example of how wealthy white creators profit off of cultural appropriation, and how trends are just marketing.”


#stitch with @benulus #greenscreen go watch her vid ♥️#haileybieberlips #benuluslips (alternative hashtag to promote the inevitable ‘trend’)

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The #brownieglazedlips hashtag has over 3.6 million views on TikTok. Most of the videos share the same sentiment that while trends never truly reinvent the wheel, acknowledgment should be given to those who inspired them.