Momo Pixel is coming for those edges!

The art director and pixel designer recently created Hair Nah, a video game that follows a black woman trying to make her way through the world without having her hair invaded by the hands of complete strangers.

Come through Momo! The video game opens with the following summary:

“Aeva loves to travel, but is hesitant because people often invade her personal space by touching her hair without permission. So help Aeva catch her flight and protect her hair by stopping the reaching hands.”

Players can design their character with one of six different skin tones, 12 hairstyles and a destination trip to Havana, Cuba, Santa Monica Pier in California, or Osaka, Japan. From there, you have one minute to protect your crown by swatting as many of the reaching hands as you can. The goal is to fill up the “Nah!” meter before time runs out.

Photo: Giphy


With every progressive level, the reaching hands speed up and continue to come from every angle as remarks like, “Can I touch it?,” "So fluffy!" and “Is it attached to your head?” loom in the background.

Win or loose, Hair Nah closes out with a word for black women whose struggle continues IRL.

After a retweet from Deray, the reviews flooded in!

When #BlackTwitter caught wind of Hair Nah, it was a wrap.

The realness.


Momo, you a real one sis.

Photo: Giphy