Halle Berry is not happy about Drake’s decision to use her image to promote of his new single. The 57-year-old actress went to social media to express her disappointment about the “Slime You Out” cover, which features an image of Berry covered in slime at the 2012 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.

Berry first posted a cryptic quote on Instagram.

“Sometimes you have to be the bigger guy . . . even if you’re a woman,” the post stated.

When a fan replied to the post, asking Berry to express her thoughts about Drake’s cover, the actress gave a straight forward answer.

“Didn’t get my permission. That’s not cool I thought better of him,” she wrote.


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Collaborating with SZA, Drake released his single on Friday. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the track will be featured in Drake’s upcoming album For All the Dogs, scheduled to be released on Sept. 22. SZA and Drake teased their collaboration when they went to Instagram on Wednesday to post an image of the “Slime You Out” cover.

Drake got his fans excited when he announced that he would release a song from his upcoming album before the project is released.

“I know y’all excited to hear the album,” he said according to Variety. “I know it’s, like two weeks out. I’m a drop a song for y’all this week. Yeah, yeah. What a time, what a time.”

According to Drake’s managerial team, the 36-year-old artist “has been working on this album for a while.”

“As soon as he dropped Her Loss, he just kind of kept recording, and we’re waiting for him to finish the work,” the team told Variety. “The songs I’ve heard are incredible — and obviously, from a managerial standpoint, it’s a uniquely incredible experience to work with an artist that can be on a tour of this size and still hype the fans up even more by telling them there’s another project on the way.”