Have You Filed Yet? 7 Things To Do With Your Refund Check

Photo Credit: Photo: WOCinTech

| February 23 2017,

06:59 am

Tax season is here. It's officially time to file, and although you have until April to get it together, the sooner you file, the sooner your refund checks will come rolling in — and who doesn't want to speed up a check? After filing — which, by the way, you can do for free courtesy of the IRS website — it's important to have a plan of action for the additional money you'll have in the near future. 

It would be easy to leave it all in your checking account and splurge on a trip to the mall or a brand new gadget you bought on impulse, but there are actually way more exciting ways to spend your check — ways you won't regret a month from now. Check out one of these super useful, impact-making ways to spend your refund check.

1. Pay off your student loan debt (or a large chunk of it)

Imagine how nice it would feel to cut off months of student loan payments with just one year of taxes. It can be done!

2. Start a savings account

If you don't yet have a savings account, now's the perfect time to start one. And if you do, why not start another? Dedicate it to another project or simply make a rule not to touch it to see how much interest it collects.

3. Plan a trip with your closest friends

Travel can be life-changing, and funding it from your extra income will be life-changing, too. Enjoy as you keep your savings account thriving and have an unforgettable getaway. (Plus, your friends should be getting their returns soon too, meaning they won't have as many excuses when it comes to planning a trip.)

4. Pay off your credit cards

Similar to that remarkable feeling of paying off your student loans, getting rid of your credit card debt is a super responsible way to spend your refund. Forget interest rates, you'll be ahead of the game.

5. Invest in stocks

If you've been wanting to get into stocks and investments before but didn't know where or when to start, start here and now! Take time to research and enjoy learning about the process first-hand as well.

6. Sign up for an online or in-person course to master a new skill

Invest in yourself with this boost of money. Learn about coding once-and-for-all or just take a design course so your skills are better than ever. Find something that speaks to you and go for it.

7. Start or invest in your side hustle

If you've needed that push in the right direction, consider this a nudge from us. Pay off your web domain fees, invest in services to keep your product fresh, etc. These purchases will pay off in a major way.

So how will you be spending your refund check? In one of the productive ways we mentioned? Let us know in the comments below!

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