Update (July 7, 2021):  Jazmyn Suszynski, a resident who says she was harassed by Edward Cagney Mathews for over a year, talked about feeling traumatized by her former neighbor after he made her year of living in Mount Laurel “horrible.”

Suszynski noted that after she moved away from the complex, Mathews began harassing her after he found her new address and spray-painted “I am a n****r who sucks c***s” onto her car.

“It was pretty traumatizing,” she told Blavity. “You move to what’s supposed to be a good neighborhood and worry about literally getting harmed every second of the day.”

The New Jersey mother, who is now a real estate agent and investor, says her concerns about Mathews to police were constantly overlooked. 

“It was defeating,” she continued. “I was stressed 24/7 worrying if this guy is going to break in my house and do something worse.”

After the Mount Laurel community joined in solidarity to advocate for Mathews' arrest on Monday, the 45-year-old was taken into custody and charged with bias intimidation and assault. 

On Wednesday, Susynski referenced Matthew's wife in a Facebook post, noting how she is “just as bad as him.”

“So since Cagneys wife (Shannon Irene Schwartzhoff) wants to make comments like this is being blown out of proportion let me show you who she is too,” she wrote on Facebook. “I  tried leaving her out of it for personal reasons I know about her however..SHE IS JUST AS BAD.”

“When cagneys BS charges he tried to press on me AFTER I Filed on him did not work and no probable cause was found..She made more false claims saying she was scared and tried to do charges as well,” she continued. “She was so scared yet here she is knocking at my door THE NEXT DAY after she signed she was in fear for her life…  She felt so uneasy but here her husband is admitting and apologizing for how uneasy he's made me feel in this letter I posted.”

Susyznski revealed that she used to record every time she went to her car and entered her house for over a year. 

“Shanon also Implied I was on section 8 to live in Mount laurel…I  HAVE RECEIPTS SO TRY IT,” she wrote. “My advice is to mind your business because at the end of the day you condoned, enabled this, and made my life miserable right along with him when you knew the situation with my son.”

Original (July 6, 2021): A New Jersey man was taken into police custody Monday after reports that he's repeatedly harassed and used racial slurs against his neighbors reports ABC7 New York. 

In a video that has since gone viral, Edward Cagney Mathews can be seen calling one of his neighbors a “f**king n****r” and a "monkey" in his Mount Laurel, New Jersey apartment complex on Friday. 

“Go talk to these f**king n****rs,” Cagney says to a police officer responding to the confrontation. “Let them know what I’m all about and what f**king rights they have.” 

The 45-year-old grows increasingly angry towards the end of the confrontation, where he discloses his address and shouts “Come f**king see me!”

A bunch of people did just that on Monday. 

“He said to pull up. We pulled up," she said according to the Washington Post. "We’re not going to tolerate this anymore.”

"The guy is off his rocker and they need to get him out,” resident Aliya Robinson told Fox29. “He cannot be racially harassing and assaulting people, spitting on people, busting down doors, breaking windows and writing white lives matter on stuff.” 

Robinson’s daughter Jazmyn Suszyski also shared that Mathews has harassed her and her children in the past and made their year of living in Mount Laurel “horrible.” 

"When we first moved there, I guess he didn’t think minorities should live there, so he kicked my door in with my children there," Suszyski said.

In a Facebook post, Suszyski wrote that Mathews “made threats, filed false complaints” amongst a plethora of other harassment tactics.