Before his tragic death in 2011, the late actor-rapper Dwight “Heavy D.” Myers co-wrote a screenplay titled, Crossed. His long-time friend, producer Gordon Bijelonic is finally bringing the project to film.

The story chronicles a street cop who endangers both his life and career as he battles with his personal morals and the law in an effort to bring a drug kingpin to justice. Crossed is inspired by the life of an NYPD detective who Heavy D. once knew. Co-screenwriter, Avery O. Williams says the project was halted so that Heavy D. could prepare to play the lead role.

“Several times we had offers on Crossed,” Williams told Shadow and Act, “and we held back because this was meant to be Hev’s leading role. He dropped weight, got buffed, and even starred in a play, all in preparation.”

Bijelonic, who’s film credits include Laggies, Angriest Man in Brooklyn and The Forger recalled the first time he learned about the Crossed.

“Hev and I were at Jaime Fox’s house during a Labor Day weekend BBQ and we both committed to making this movie. This was supposed to be a starring vehicle for him. We’re thrilled to be making this movie… It’s a way to celebrate the legacy of a great man, and another way for Hev, years after his passing, to continue to take care of his daughter that he loved so much.”

As a tribute to her father, Heavy D.’s daughter Xea Myers will executive produce the film.

“I knew my dad wanted to be a writer and an actor. And I’m so happy this [‘Crossed’] will happen for him now because he deserves it.”

Crossed is in pre-production.

What actor(s) could you see serving justice in “Crossed”? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo: Watchcloud
Photo: Watchcloud

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