While all races are equally important, there are a few races in particular that can have historical implications.

Currently, seven potential Democrats can snag governor's seat, including Andrew Gillum and Stacey Abrams, who would both be first Black governors for their states, Florida and Georgia. Your vote could go down in the history books.

A new generation of millennial party leaders, who happen to be women of color, Ayanna Pressley in Massachusetts and Alexandria Osacio-Cortez in New York, upset their opponents during the primaries, and are prepared to upset their final opponents on Nov. 6, with your help.

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There are 10 seats Democrats can steal in the Senate, including Missouri, which has one of the most important senatorial elections this year, and is in desperate need of a blue wave. And if you're in Mississippi, a notoriously red state, your vote could elect Mike Espy, a Democrat, to the Senate, which could bring about more progressive change for the deep South.

To see the progress we'd like to see under such a backwards presidential administration, Democrats must either keep or gain seats this election, and it can't happen without you.

Watch the video above to see our breakdown. 

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