Midterm elections mark the middle of a president's term, and serve as an evaluation of the progress (in this case — the set back) of the presidential administration. Black folks don't need midterm elections to know this administration has failed miserably, but we do need midterm elections to make our voices heard, and to use this time as a true starting point for change.

Nov. 6 is our chance to give 45 the rating he deserves. The House of Representatives has all 435 seats open, but only 48 that are considered truly up for grabs. In addition, one third of U.S. Senate seats are available for taking, as well as the seats of 36 U.S. state governors, three of which could potentially be black.

Black people are in a position to seriously impact legislation like criminal justice reform, healthcare, and immigration — all of which significantly impact the wellbeing of our families — by choosing the right people to hold power.

A blue wave simply can't happen without a black tide, so be sure to show up and show out on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

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