National Voter Registration Day has come and gone. But the push to get more Americans to register to vote is far from over. With the series of presidential debates continuing until the end of October, it’s the perfect time for the Americans who aren’t registered to vote to at least be eligible to cast an official ballot in November. If you’re one of those who have yet to register, you must not have heard of all the unbelievably easy ways you can register.

Here’s how you can register to vote if your excuse is any one of the following:

Excuse: I’m not going to the DMV, I’d rather stand in line for food.


You might not love the process of registering to vote, but who doesn’t love tacos?

register to vote
Photo: Twitter

Excuse: Honestly, truly, I just don’t have time.


HelloVote makes the process of registering to vote from your phone take one minute or less. Americans spend 23 hours per week texting anyway. You don’t have to mail anything in or take away from your busy schedule. Simply text HELLO to 384-387 and HelloVote will guide you through the rest.


Excuse: I’m too busy with Snapchat filters


You can now register to vote on Snapchat in 1 minute. Snapchat partnered with voter registration app TurboVote to help the social media savvy register to vote with the swipe of a finger.

Photo: Tech Radar
Photo: Tech Radar

Excuse: I don’t have Snapchat

Okay, so you don’t have Snapchat. Surely you have a Twitter account. How else would you get the news, know what’s trending right this second or find Black Twitter’s response to it all?


Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

By just sending a Direct Message to Twitter’s @Gov account with your five-digit zip code, you will receive an automatic response including your state’s voter registration deadline and a personalized link to get registered. It’s that simple.

So now what’s your excuse?

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