What do we know about the family of Dwayne Johnson?

Dwayne Johnson, mostly known as “The Rock,” is a successful actor, producer and an eight-time WWE world champion. In addition to his many accomplishments, Johnson is also a loving father, son, cousin and husband. Publicly regarded as a family man, Johnson often shares adorable and tender moments of himself at home with his daughters on social media, as well as videos of him surprising loved ones with gifts.  

Johnson comes from a prestigious bloodline of Samoan wrestlers on his maternal grandfather’s side. Others in the Johnson family, such as Johnson’s cousin Savelina Fanene, better known by her WWE name Nia Jax, are also professional wrestlers — as was Dwayne Johnson’s father, Rocky Johnson, who passed away in 2020. Rocky fathered two children named Curtis and Wanda with his first wife. Later on, he had The Rock with his second wife, Ata Maivia, in 1972. In addition to Curtis and Wanda, The Rock also has five other siblings from his father, whose identities were recently revealed through DNA testing. 

According to reports from Sports Illustrated, The Rock has two sisters and three brothers that he never knew about. DNA testing reveals that Lisa Purves, Paula Parsons, Trevor Edwards, Adrian Bowles and Aaron Fowler also share the same father with The Rock. One of the siblings, Lisa, has a documentary in production about her journey to finding her biological father and her siblings. The film is tentatively titled Just Call Me Lisa.

The Johnson family tree is a big one that only seems to be getting larger. 

Here’s some information on Dwayne Johnson’s immediate family members.