As if you needed any further evidence, but here ya go anyway… numbers and charts released a couple of days ago… in brief, in 2010 the domestic DVD market continued its steady decline (dropping roughly 44%% from 2009 to 2010, damn!), as consumers like you and I (with Sergio being the lone dissenter) shift our home video viewing habits, from DVDs to streaming/VOD services, like Netflix, and, amongst others.

And, unfortunately for studios, revenue from VOD has yet to really catch up and offset the continuous slide in DVD sales revenue, which, as we all know, used to be where they made the bulk of their profits.

So, I’d wager than most studio execs are scrambling right now (or rather, have been scrambling), uncertain of what exactly to do to return to past glory (money) days. And you can guarantee this shift affects their green-lighting decisions.

Check the charts… The first one (above) shows the above “crisis” I’m referring to; the second (below) shows the top 15 DVDs sold from 2008 to 2010.