Kinglsey Morgan, 25, had no idea a tweet about his brother's first date would go viral.

Morgan, from Kingston, Jamaica, tweeted that he was preparing a home cooked meal for his 16-year-old brother's dinner with his crush, and Twitter could not get enough of the brotherly love. 

My little brother has a crush on this girl and he invited her over for dinner. I’m the chef and i’m geeked af!

— Kingsley Morgan (@king_suaave) April 1, 2018

"We have a very close relationship. He considers me his role model and we do everything together," Morgan told Blavity. "I study with him, we swap stories, he teaches me the latest dance moves in Jamaica, we cook together, go to the movies together — like I said, everything. I'm literally his credible source for confirming or denying anything he sees on the internet; even something as simple as a prank, he seeks my affirmation that it was indeed a prank." 

Morgan was very intentional with the meal, and made the young lady's favorite dish. 

Apparently her favourite dish is curried chicken and white rice. 

I’m making Coconut-Curried Chicken and Lemongrass White Rice. I’m going in for my lil bro!

— Kingsley Morgan (@king_suaave) April 1, 2018

Morgan said his brother is usually quiet, and his family was excited to see him stepping outside of his comfort zone. Even their dad pitched in to make the meal successful. 

"It was clear that he was trying to impress his date which meant the onus was on myself and my family to share that responsibility as well," he said. "I wanted him to spend time with her, so dad took on his weekend chores and I took on the cooking from dad."

Their first date involved soul music, a home cooked meal and a conversation on the front porch.

Dad just put on souls music. I cannot make this up! 

*Tryna get a pic/video but they eyeing me. That’s my lil bro in the last frame and the laugh you heard was her. My nigga already got her head over heels

— Kingsley Morgan (@king_suaave) April 1, 2018

I can’t plate food to save my life! But hey, I hadda try today. Table is set. 

Why am I so excited ????????

— Kingsley Morgan (@king_suaave) April 1, 2018


— Kingsley Morgan (@king_suaave) April 1, 2018

The Twitter thread received more than 3 million impressions and over 75,000 likes. Morgan said it shows how many people still love the idea of old-school dating. 

"The response from online has only affirmed that a lot of people still value this kind of treasured and chivalrous approach to dating even with the advent of social media where almost everything is ephemeral — including emotions, Morgan said." 

We can't wait to see how this love story unfolds! 

We’re all invested now so follow me for more updates! ????????????

— Kingsley Morgan (@king_suaave) April 4, 2018