We all know Michael B. Jordan is undeniably snack material, but that doesn’t mean he can be flirted with any old way. In a recently resurfaced clip from February, titled "Flirting with Michael B. Jordan," a white host learns the 31-year-old isn’t easily charmed.

The joke going around the internet has been that Chadwick Boseman, who stars as T'Challa in the blockbuster hit, is tired of everyone forcing him to do the Wakandan greeting of forming an "X" across your chest with your arms.  

However, in this interview clip with Jordan, host Maude Garrett was quick to put up her Wakanda Salute to greet the actor even after she told him she had watched the film. Either her remark was a lie or she's just confused because clearly Killmonger was from Oakland and wasn't about that Wakanda Forever life in the film. 

And he was sure to let her know. 

 "I ain't from Wakanda," Jordan said to interviewer Maude Garrett when prompted to do the Wakandan greeting. Check out the clip for yourself. LOL