I'll never forget when I saw this quote scrolling down my Instagram news feed. And, per usual, I quickly snapped a screenshot of what I felt was a good repost that was such a bold statement. Ya know, bold like me. But it wasn't until I experienced the powerful movement of women at the Smithsonian National African American Museum in Washington, during an era in the black community, that forever shaped our future…and mine. At that moment coming to encounter and read all the amazing things these powerful strong backboned women did sacrificially, I finally understood the true meaning of this bold statement/question.

"The true worth of a race must be measured by the character of it's womanhood" M.M.B.

Why didn't we receive the recognition we deserved during the civil rights movement? I mean, we vividly in plain sight were the main representation of strength of the persistent strides made for future generations! We were there behind the scenes and on the frontlines…fighting. It was so beautiful to know and understand that I came from a lineage of a community that was strong, black, and beautiful. And that’s when I realized that it is our superpower. A persistent, strong, committed, unapologetic, loving, superpower. And not just as a woman, but as a black woman. Despite the adversities and dangers that women faced during the establishing of the African American community, women were a movement of force. Mary was my favorite. Born in 1875 and the founder of the National Council of Negro Women, here is a woman determined to help mold and shape the future generations by educating others. But first recognizing the power she held and nurturing it where it later became a force that drove her endeavors to then build up others.

I believe it’s important we, as women, recognize that we hold a force that is the potential impact for our future and the future of others. Once we recognize and take ownership of our strengths, we overcome our weaknesses and become betterment for everyone around us. Let’s make daily efforts to become better than we were yesterday. And let’s not just say it…but really do it! Recognize your power. Be aware and conscious of your energy and perspective. Ask yourself the hard questions and answer truthfully. Let’s uplift each other, not tear down. How else do you think these women of the movement were so successful? With the help and encouragement of one another. And never let anyone take away what God has given you, which is simply the gift of being a woman. We’re the gift that keeps on giving. 

So…I am a woman…what’s your superpower?