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How A Brown Girl From Brooklyn Is Redefining Black Spirituality Through Tarot Cards

Tarot isn't (In our Grandmothers' words) "the Devil."
Fontaine Felisha Foxworth
 • 9 months ago

5 Sterotypes About Blerds That Need To Be Broken

Blerd culture is not something to fear.
Asher Primus
 • 10 months ago

7 Black Women Powerhouses In Media That You Oughta Know

Black unsung heroines of the entertainment industry.
 • 10 months ago

3 Keys To Manifesting From DJ Love G

DJ Love G's glow up inspires us to harness our superpowers.
Osahon Tongo
 • 10 months ago

New App Offers Minority Entrepreneurs A Seat At The Table

Technology is leveling the playing field for women and minorities.
Nia Decaille
 • a year ago

10 Black Owned Lingerie Brands Everyone Should Know About

Black Business Is Everything
Cora Harrington
 • a year ago

How Birth Control May Be Linked To Depression

Read the labels!
 • a year ago

On Karrueche Tran, Toxic Masculinity and Victim Blaming

Check This Out
Amanda Monroe
 • a year ago

I Am A Woman...What's Your Superpower?

To empower, impact and uplift
Meeting With Megs
 • a year ago

Fly Chicks With Fly Kicks: The Female Sneakerhead Is Not A Myth

Check This Out
 • a year ago

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