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Twitter user Brianna Cry, took to the social media outlet to find her long-lost friend whom she met on a Hawaii cruise back in 2006. She wrote in a tweet that she wanted to find the girl who became her overnight best friend. 

"I don’t think there were many kids our age on this particular dinner cruise, so I guess we just found each other and stuck together the whole time. The other night I was going through old scrapbooks and watching vacation videos, and I saw her. So I was like, 'Wow, let’s see if Twitter can find her for me…'" she shared in a statement to BuzzFeed.

Fellow users came to her rescue, and the Mississippi native woke up to several retweets. She joked about the traction her post was getting by also saying she was looking for a husband.

To Cry's surprise, her long-lost friend named Heidi responded to her tweet with a photo:

The former friends exchanged several heartwarming tweets following the initial exchange. 

Several Twitter users questioned whether the friends would be able to meet up again any time soon, but Heidi expressed that she's attending community college on financial aid and won't be able to travel at the moment.

"We attend college on two different sides of the country, but we do plan to meet again once we get our funds together," Cry also shared.

A GoFundMe page was started for the young women, but it is reportedly fake. 

"I honestly thought it would take at least a week to find her. The internet is so amazing and showed me that it really is a small world after all," the Hampton University student said. 

The reunited friends sparked all the feels among Twitter and led to other former friends reuniting.

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