nullIdris Elba is developing a film adaptation of author Marc Olden’s 1978 thriller "Poe Must Die," via his Green Door Production Co, reports Publishers Weekly.

Set in New York City in the 1840s, the novel follows Edgar Allan Poe fighting demonic forces and personal demons, as he teams up with a former fighter, who seeks revenge against a sorcerer who murdered his wife. The dark story also features the sorcerer looking for the Throne of Solomon, which will grant him immortality and control over Lucifer.

Elba plans to adapt the novel into a trilogy of films, although no word on when we can expect them, whether Idris will also star, who else might be attached (in front of and behind the screen), etc. 

Here’s a longer synopsis of the novel, courtesy of Amazon: "Against a backdrop of New York City in the 1840’s, a hellhole of crime and squalor, Edgar Allan Poe plays out a deadly game, fighting not only the demonic forces waged against him, but also his personal demons, the memory of his beloved wife and the alcohol he consumes in order to forget her. Pierce James Figg, a renowned ex-bare knuckle fighter, has arrived in New York from London carrying with him a letter of introduction from Charles Dickens to Edgar Allan Poe. Figg is pursuing Jonathan the sorcerer and spiritualist. The man who brutally murdered his wife. Jonathan seeks the Throne of Solomon which will grant him immortality and dominion over Lucifer, Asmodeus and all the demons of the upper air. His search has led him to New York. Frail, gallant Edgar Allan Poe and the grieving, brilliant boxer unite in a perilous mission to find and destroy Jonathan before he can achieve his goal of controlling Lucifer and thereby change the destiny of the world."

Sadly, it’s not a novel I’ve read, so I can’t offer any insightful commentary on it. But it definitely reads as intriguing.

If you’ve read it, enlighten the rest of us.

Idris, who will next reprise his role as Heimdall in Marvel’s superhero sequel "Avengers: Age Of Ultron," will also voice Shere Khan in Disney’s "The Jungle Book."

The actor-DJ will also produce and star in drama "A Hundred Streets," alongside Gemma Arterton and Samantha Barks. His other upcoming movies include action film "Bastille Day," and a voice role in Disney’s "Finding Nemo" sequel, "Finding Dory."