Having one of the biggest meetings of my professional life today…meeting a very controversial director for a very controversial part. :-/… I wish I could tell you more but…in due time…

Those were words Mr Idris Elba posted on Twitter earlier this morning; let the speculating begin.

Of course, I immediately thought that the director he mentions is Quentin Tarantino, and the controversial part is the lead in Django Unchained. What else could it be? Considering that he starts his sentence with… “Having one of the biggest meetings of my professional life today,” says a lot. It suggests the director is someone of significance, or “A-list,” to use industry parlance; and the project is also likely something grand.

So, again, what else could it be? We’ve pretty much covered every studio film with a black starring role in it, and there aren’t that many; and when you add the “controversial” tag, the list gets even shorter; unless it’s something we don’t know about yet, because it hasn’t been announced, which is certainly possible.

But then I thought further… is Quentin Tarantino considered a “very controversial director?” Having read the Django Unchained script, I can say with some certainty that it’s his most controversial work to date. But, I don’t really think of him as a “very controversial” director, especially when compared to others, like, say, Lars von Trier, who seems to revel in controversy,

I did check the IMDBPro page for Django Unchained and Idris is listed as “rumored” to be in the film’s cast; though not as Django, which is still apparently Will Smith’s if he wants it. Of course, IMDB isn’t always the most accurate source, and it does tag all the actors supposedly attached to the project as “rumored.” And there’s really no other role in the film for Idris in it, except Django.

Unless Will Smith has indeed passed on it, and Idris was Quentin’s second choice???

Anyway… like I said… let the speculation begin. We’ll just have to wait and see. If Idris gets the part, whatever it is, then it’ll be announced eventually. If he doesn’t, then, well, we may never know anything more.