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I remember when I stumbled into what turned out to be a gaping hole in the cannabis industry.

It was 2016 and I wanted to get my medical marijuana card, but had no idea where to start. Researching the laws and processes in my state took me down a rabbit hole of contradictory websites, leaving me uncertain how to legally and safely proceed. That day turned out to be an “a-ha!” moment, because I personally experienced the market need for an informative and trustworthy one-stop destination for connecting medical marijuana patients with cannabis doctors.

I began brainstorming with my friend turned co-founder, Joshua Green, who I’d met while working at a Fortune 500 company. We’re both intuitive, tenacious, Black men with an entrepreneur mindset, so we clicked instantly. We kept throwing ideas back and forth, letting them evolve naturally. It kept spiraling until the potential scared us. When an idea scares you, you’re onto something special. We’d both launched other businesses previously, but this felt bigger than any idea we’d executed before.