Independence Day director Ronald Emmerich has reportedly finished penning the screenplay for the alien invasion thiller’s sequel. The 1996 blockbuster, along Will Smith, starred Vivica A. Fox, Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman. According to The Lantern, who spoke to Emmerich Monday night, the director is trying to reunite most of the original cast for Independence Day 2.

“We’ve talked to him, but naturally he wants to see a script, which I totally understand.” Emmerich says of Will Smith’s intentions.

The sequel has been in the plans for approximately 10 years; actually, Tambay wrote about it at the old site HERE. There has even been talks about TWO Independence Day sequels to be in the works. Independence Day 2 is not expected to be released before 2014. Emerich says production will begin soon enough, “I’d say hold tight, t’s happening soon.”

I wonder how long it will take; if it’s really happening after all. I’m also curious if Vivica Fox will join the sequel, since the film likely catapulted her career. By the way, I just looked at Fox’s imdb and she shows to have NINE films in post-production; she’s been quite busy these days.

Are you looking forward to this? Would you like to see Smith reprise his role? Vivica?

Anywho, we’ll definitely keep you updated on any developments.