Social media influencer and TikToker @longlegzk posted a video addressing a comment made by Urban Skin Rx, a skin care brand that targets the urban demographic.

"First of all honey we ain't trying to steal nothing from you OK is that a problem that we could have braids," Urban Skin Rx said in a reply to user's comment under a social post. 

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TikTok user @longlegzk, however, said the comment didn't align with the company's image or mission statement. In her video, she went on to question if the person who runs the social media account forgot to log out of the company's TikTok page and into their troll account before they posted the comment.

"Because why would a brand that markets and caters and targets the urban population not understand the magnitude and impact of cultural appropriation," @longlegzk said in her TikTok video after taking a brief pause.

"And I work with Urban Skin Rx, and I'm very confused right now," the influencer, who started working with the beauty brand back in 2019, said.

In a response on Twitter, Urban Skin Rx seemingly placed blame on a contracted agency.

"It has come to our attention that a comment we find disgusting has been posted to our TikTok account. As a small business, we sometimes rely on outside agencies for support," the company tweeted. 

The influencer also informed her followers that the company's chief marketing officer and the CEO contacted her to apologize for the situation. 

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She added that she also has plans to meet with the brand to discuss how to move forward and the role brands play in creating a supportive, hospitable and culturally sensitive environment for Black creatives and creators of color.

In a statement shared with Blavity, Rachel Roff, the CEO of Urban Skin Rx, said they were "horrified" and have terminated their partnership with the agency.

"Urban Skin Rx Is an organization that prides itself on diversity from the top down. Our organization is comprised of 60% Black women and we have always sought to serve people who are underrepresented in skin care. We also want to mention that we proudly have representation of Black women within our board of directors, C-level executives and senior managers," the statement read.

"It is our account, so we take full responsibility for any content posted in our name, but we are also doing everything in our power to determine what happened so we can ensure this never happens again," the statement continued. "We are deeply apologetic about the unfortunate comment made and we want nothing more than to ensure that THIS DOES NOT REPRESENT WHO WE ARE."