Take these initial steps to embrace your originality

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| January 31 2016,

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Creatives have a longing to produce work that is engaging, interesting and unique. Maybe even more so than that, creatives have a desire to generate something that's never been done before — to craft something into perfection in such a way that it challenges what the limits were supposed to be. Creators, especially millennials, strive to be innovative and trailblazing but most of all original.
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Photo: Tumblr
Creativity has lived long enough to witness every fundamental idea imaginable. In many art forms, it's stated that there's no such thing as being original because everything has been done already. Yet here we are, voice, pen, color, hands spitting in the face of what tells us “you can't.” We continue climbing because it's worth the fall, and that's what keeps us going. Then the question, forcing its hand through the clear ceiling you made for yourself, asks how can I be original if everything has been done already?

Do what's been done already, but do it your way

We live in a time when biting off of someone or something isn't looked down upon when it's done the right way. All the blueprints are laying flush against your eyes. Use and build upon them. The definition of originality is constantly evolving. Add your own personal twist. You might not have been the first to do something but you can be the first to do something your way.
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Photo: Pexels

Be the melting pot

A lot of the individuals you call your favorites in whichever craft you've chosen aren't the originals. Most likely they are what happens when you combine multiple traits of people they consider their favorites. The idea is to take what you like from those that came before you, put it in the pot, press it down, shake it up and let it runneth over.
Originality isn't dead. You're alive, which means it is too.'
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Photo: Wordsonimages.com