It seems so, at last, though, in the meantime, Mia Farrow’s
son, of all people, will get his own show next.

As I have written before, it’s long overdue that the
managing editor of The Grio and
expert political pundit Joy-Ann Reid should
have her own show on MSNBC.

As I said about her previously, “no one can deny that Reid is
really, really smart, knows politics inside and out like nobody’s business, is likeable,
has a great presence on the tube (she’s been on TV and radio since 1998)
she regularly subs for other on-air MSNBC talent on their shows so smoothly
that you would think it was her show.

And on top of that she’s on the network ALL THE TIME. Every
day. Sometimes a few times a day. Like, what else do you need?

Furthermore, when you also take into account the fact that, as I have
also reported here, the network’s black audience increased by some 60% last year, what other motivation do
you need?

In the meantime, however, MSNBC has given Alec Baldwin his own Friday night show, as if he needs another TV show or the money.

But the one recent move that has everyone scratching their
heads, was the announcement last week that Ronan
was getting his own weekday show starting in early 2014, which means
that someone currently with a daytime show won’t be having it for long.

Ronan who? – you and everyone else must be asking.

He’s a human rights activist and lawyer, who also worked as
a foreign policy official in the Obama Administration, as well as being the son of actress Mia

That all fine and good, but how come he gets a show? What
are his journalism and political credentials? In fact, has he ever even been on TV before? 

According to an official press release from the network, Farrow’s
show will be “a game changer for MSNBC, representing a fresh approach to how we
deliver news. This is a new generation of news show for a new, more engaged
generation of viewers.

How in the hell do they know that?  Personally, I suspect either Farrow has some
very incriminating photos of some MSNBC executives, or perhaps he has a… ahem…more “personal” relationship with someone there.

But this all leads back to Reid and the possibility of
her own show, at long last. Well, the network is now hinting that something is in the

This Wednesday, at a party in a New York restaurant for Chris Matthews, given by MSNBC president
Phil Griffin, which several anchors
attended, along with other regular network contributors including Reid herself, there
was reportedly some buzzing about this, and it was reported that one
network exec, when asked about Reid getting her show, was quoted as saying: “Stay tuned.

So does that mean something is in the works finally
for Reid?

Stay tuned.